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What’s covered by North Carolina renters’ insurance?

Rental prices have continued to rise nationwide, leading renters to search out the smartest solution to help stretch their budgets. One of these solutions is to find affordable coverage for personal property and potential damage so the renter is never left owing unexpected and significant bills. But just what does protection this rental insurance actually provide? Learn more about renters’ insurance policies with Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services, serving the greater Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC communities,  according to the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

What’s covered by North Carolina renters’ insurance?

Personal Property Rental Coverage

Landlords typically insure their building, not your belongings. Don’t risk your personal items from wallet to TV to your favorite art print. Instead, get renters’ coverage to help cover your own items too.

Peril Insurance

We all know weird weather is becoming more and more common. Peril insurance basically protects you from loss and liability due to those "Acts of God" like lightning strikes, flooding, hurricanes, and fire. Peril insurance can even cover things like broken steam pipes, volcanoes, and airplane impacts. It’s important to review peril insurance with a qualified professional. Your unique location in the state may suggest specific insurance that is tailored to you specifically.

Liability and Medical Coverage

If something happens, you don’t want to have to pay for that accident. Personal liability helps protect you against accidents that happen in your unit to people who don’t live there or because of damage to that person’s property. Medical coverage of this nature can help cover potentially expensive medical bills in the event of an accident such as a trip and a fall on the stairs.

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