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Can You Bundle Your Motor Home Insurance with Other Types of Insurance Policies?

Insurance can be a tricky matter, especially if you require several types of insurance coverage for different things in life. Fortunately, there are some instances when you can bundle your motor home insurance, among other things. You’ll have to discuss your options to do this with an agent at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services of the greater Charlotte area. 

Bundling Motor Home Insurance – Is It Possible? 

You may wonder if you can bundle your motor home insurance with ease. The truth of the matter is this is not so cut and dry. There are certain policies with which it makes sense to bundle your motor home insurance, including your regular automobile insurance policy. 

In North Carolina, you only need to have liability coverage for your motor home. No other motor home insurance is required by the state. However, it’s in your best interest to think about what you should have for your unique situation. If you need some kind of personal property insurance added to your standard coverage, then you can request this for the most comprehensive insurance package possible. 

Benefits of Bundling Insurance

One of the top benefits of doing this is that you’ll most likely save a decent amount of money overall. Also, you won’t have to go through the hassle of reinstating each different type of insurance on a yearly basis. You can do this all at once for your convenience. 

Motor Home Insurance Made Easy

Here at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services, we offer a range of insurance types to meet your needs. This includes motor home insurance that you can bundle with some of our other offerings. Contact us using our online form to get a quote today if you’re in the Waxhaw, NC area.