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Should I Invest in Life Insurance?

Life insurance is crucial in safeguarding your loved ones financially if a tragedy strikes. Unluckily, many Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC residents, like many Americans, go without it. Statistics demonstrate that nearly half of Americans don’t have life insurance coverage. Most people assume life insurance is expensive, unnecessary, or don’t know the insurance plan’s benefits. 

If you are unsure if you need to invest in life insurance, hang on as Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services demonstrates why life insurance is a worthwhile investment. 

Protects your dependents

A life insurance policy is an ultimate protection against losing the insured’s income upon his demise. The beneficiary receives the benefits, getting cushioned against financial difficulties after the policyholder passes away. 

Covers your debts

Life insurance pays for your mortgage, credit card, or student loan when you die. Instead of burdening your spouse or cosigners with financial liabilities when you die, purchase life insurance.  

If you have a business

Life insurance protects your business partners and employees when you die by replacing your financial contribution. 

Life insurance covers final expenses.

Many Americans have inadequate savings to cater for emergency expenses, signaling a financial burden in settling funeral expenses. This policy pays for burial costs without beneficiaries having to dip into their savings.

Life insurance can supplement your retirement savings

If you procure whole, universal, or variable insurance coverage, it accumulates cash value in addition to providing death benefits. This cash value builds over time, and it can cover expenses such as purchasing a house.

Buy life insurance today!

Not only does a life insurance policy support your beneficiaries after your untimely death, but it carries other benefits even for persons without dependents. Are you searching for life insurance in Charlotte, Waxhaw, NC, and the surrounding areas? Feel free to contact us or visit our offices at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services for a comprehensive life insurance policy.