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What Boat Insurance Covers

While you enjoy the lakes and coast of North Carolina, Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services, serving the Charlotte metro area, wants you to understand why you need boat insurance. Your boat in Waxhaw, NC could sustain damage while on the water, in the marina, on the road to the water, or to dry-dock. Your boat insurance policy protects it in all of those situations.

The same boat policy that provides you with property damage protection also provides you with liability coverage. Liability insurance pays if you cause an accident that hurts another person or their property. If you hurt an individual while operating your boat or an individual hurts himself while operating the boat, your liability insurance pays their medical bills. It also covers any court settlement that arises from the injury.

A boat policy contains a few types of insurance. It contains a liability policy, collision, comprehensive, and property damage coverages.
You probably think that makes it sound like an auto policy, and it does. It provides the same types of protection. The collision component covers accidents with collisions on the water or road, though.

Most states do not require boat insurance, but you need it all the same. The only protection your home insurance provides is the liability, which typically equals ten to twenty percent of the home value. That can quickly erode when an accident occurs since the average hospital stay costs $15,000. The home policy also provides little property damage coverage for the boat. Could you financially withstand having to purchase a replacement boat? If the answer is no, you need boat insurance.

Contact Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services to learn more about boat coverage and other watercraft insurance. Although we’re located in Waxhaw, NC, we serve the Charlotte metro area.