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Boating Safety Tips

Going out on the boat can be a fun outdoor activity in Waxhaw, NC. In addition to having fun, it is essential to pay attention and keep yourself and everyone on the boat with you safe. Before you go out and launch your boat, check out these safety tips. Also, give us a call at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services’ Charlotte to discuss how to protect your boat with an insurance policy. 

Keep Navigation Lights On

When traveling on the water at night, you should keep your navigation lights on. Having your lights on from sunset to sunrise ensures other boats can see you. In addition, keeping the lights on lessens your chance of having an accident with another vessel. 

Do Not Overload the Boat

Check the vessel’s capacity and carry the number of allowed passengers and weight the boat can handle. Overloading the boat can make it slow in the water and could cause it to tilt more to one side or another and possibly capsize it.

Have Life Jackets Available

There should be enough life jackets on board for each passenger to have one. Additionally, young children and those who are not strong swimmers should wear their life jackets at all times while out on the water. 

Check the Emergency Kit

An emergency kit, complete with navigation charts, flares, a first aid kit, and fire extinguishers, should be kept on the boat at all times. Regularly check the emergency kit to ensure everything is there, and nothing has expired. 

Tell Someone Your Boating Plan

Tell someone who is not going out on the boat with you where you plan to be and what time you will return. Then if you do not return, there is someone who can alert the authorities and tell them where to start looking for your boat. 

Before you go out on the water in Waxhaw, NC, call our office at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services’ Charlotte for details on how to protect your boat.