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The Importance of Auto Insurance in Disaster Preparedness

Auto insurance is critical for disaster preparedness in North Carolina. It ensures that individuals and communities are adequately protected against the financial impacts of natural disasters, accidents, and emergencies in places like Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC. 

Financial Protection Against Vehicle Damage

When a natural disaster happens, like a flood, hurricane, or wildfire, motor vehicles are vulnerable to damage from flooding, falling debris, or other environmental hazards. Auto insurance policies provide essential coverage for repairs or replacements of vehicles damaged or destroyed by such events, alleviating the financial burden on vehicle owners and enabling them to recover quickly. 

Liability Coverage for Accidents and Injuries

Disasters and emergencies can increase the risk of accidents and injuries on the road, as adverse weather conditions, road hazards, and increased traffic congestion pose challenges to drivers. Auto insurance includes liability coverage, which protects drivers from legal liabilities from accidents, property damage, or injuries for which they can be held responsible. 

Coverage for Emergency Expenses

Auto insurance policies may include provisions for emergency expenses, such as towing, roadside assistance, and rental car reimbursement, in a disaster or emergency. By covering emergency expenses, auto insurance facilitates timely help and support for drivers in need, enhancing their ability to navigate emergencies safely and efficiently.

Facilitating Evacuation and Rescue Operations

During large-scale disasters, such as hurricanes, wildfires, or floods, timely evacuation of affected areas is crucial to saving lives and reducing casualties. Auto insurance enables drivers to respond swiftly to evacuation orders by protecting vehicles against damage and providing coverage for emergency expenses, helping minimize disasters’ impact on vulnerable populations.

How Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services Can Help You

At Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services, we can help answer questions concerning auto insurance. We serve the Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC, area. Call us today.

Who Needs Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Comprehensive auto coverage can help you recover from damage unrelated to colliding with another vehicle. When an animal, weather event, fire, or theft causes damage to your vehicle, comprehensive coverage pays to fix or replace it. If you own your car, you can still benefit from comprehensive coverage. In many cases, your lender will require you to carry it. At Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services, our agents can help you obtain comprehensive auto insurance in Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC.

What Is Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Comprehensive coverage handles damage unrelated to vehicular collisions. That may include fixing your car after an animal runs into it or falling tree limbs damaging your vehicle. Vandalism, theft, and windshield and glass damage are typically covered by comprehensive auto insurance. If you want additional protection in case of an earthquake or storm, meet with your insurance agent to obtain a free quote.

Who Needs Comprehensive Coverage?

If you live in a rural area, you might need comprehensive coverage in case you run into a deer. Instead of worrying about someone stealing your car, invest in comprehensive coverage for your vehicle in Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC. If you still make car payments, the terms of your loan may require comprehensive auto insurance. Without comprehensive coverage, you could end up paying for expensive repairs out of pocket.

Get Comprehensive Auto Insurance for Peace of Mind

Comprehensive coverage is optional in North Carolina. However, there are many reasons you should consider purchasing it. If you would like one of the agents at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services to help you weigh the pros and cons of comprehension auto insurance, we’d be happy to do so. Make an appointment today to obtain a free quote on car insurance in Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC.

4 Tips on Driving Safely in Wet Weather

About 73% of weather-related crashes happen on wet pavement, according to Federal Highway Administration statistics. The team at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services wants you to stay safe when driving in Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC. So, we compiled the following driving tips that may reduce your risk when driving in the rain.

4 Tips on Driving Safely in Wet Weather

1. Slow as You Go

By pumping on the brakes and maintaining distance behind other vehicles, you give yourself more room to maneuver on slippery roads. This also decreases your chance of hydroplaning. Remain extra alert of the distance between you and the car ahead and remain alert at red lights and stop signs.

2. Carefully Choosing and Maintaining Tires

Remember to consider safety as well as price when you purchase tires. In order to avoid hydroplaning, choose tires with rubber compounds and treads designed to work well in wet weather. Check your treads. Once the tread wears down to 1/16 of an inch, it’s time for new tires. Additionally, refer to your owner’s manual for the appropriate air pressure and keep your tires properly inflated.

3. Avoid Hydroplaning

Reduce your speed when you see standing water on the road. If you begin to hydroplane or ride on the water surface, remove your foot from the accelerator. It’s important that you don’t immediately hit the brakes. For manual transmission, push in the clutch to let the vehicle slow down enough so that you can regain control. 

4. Check Your Wipers

When was the last time you checked your wiper blades? It’s important to clean your wiper blades and replace them as needed to retain visibility in wet conditions. If the wiper blades stutter on the windshield or fail to clear away rainwater adequately, it’s time to change them.

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Contact Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services for more safe driving tips and to review your auto insurance coverage in Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC.

What to do if your dog is in the car during an accident

Accidents are unpredictable and often happen when we least expect them. If you’re involved in a car accident in Charlotte or Waxhaw NC, and your dog is with you, it’s important to know what to do next. Here are some tips from Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services.

What to Do if Your Dog is Injured in a Car Accident

If you’re involved in a car accident, and your dog is injured, the first thing you should do is seek veterinary care. Even if your dog seems fine, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and have him checked out by a professional. Once you’re at the vet, be sure to tell them that your dog was involved in an accident so they can perform any necessary tests or x-rays.

Will My Auto Insurance Cover My Dog’s Vet Bills?

If you have comprehensive auto insurance, your policy may cover your dog’s vet bills if he was injured in a car accident. However, it’s always best to check with your insurance company beforehand to see if they provide coverage for pets. Some companies exclude pets from their policies altogether, so it’s important to know what your policy covers before you need to make a claim.

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If you are in a car accident and your dog is with you, seek veterinary care in Charlotte or Waxhaw, NC as soon as possible and tell them that your dog was involved in an accident. If you have comprehensive auto insurance, there’s a good chance that your policy will cover your dog’s vet bills—but it’s always best to check with Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services beforehand just to be sure.

What auto insurance is required in Charlotte & Waxhaw, NC?

Auto insurance isn’t an option. It’s the law.

Like most states, North Carolina has specific auto insurance requirements. When it comes to accountability for an accident, it’s an "at-fault state." That means you may be on the hook for damages if you’re found responsible for an accident. Having inadequate coverage can leave you at risk.

Fortunately, Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services can help. Here are the three necessary items that any auto insurance policy must include.

Bodily injury liability

North Carolina mandates liability coverage for all drivers. Bodily injury liability is the first part of this protection. As the name implies, this pays for any physical harm or severe injury that results from a collision caused by you. By law, motorists must carry $30,000 for each person. A total of $60,000 is needed for all people involved in an accident.

Property damage liability

Another component of liability, property damage, covers any destruction to someone else’s property. This most often applies to other vehicles and includes damage to buildings, mailboxes, and other structures. The minimum requirement in North Carolina is $25,000.

Uninsured and underinsured coverage

Auto insurance that contains only the minimum amounts listed above must include uninsured and underinsured coverage. While liability covers other drivers, uninsured and underinsured policies protect you from other drivers with insufficient coverage. In North Carolina, uninsured and underinsured coverage is typically bundled with liability and follows the same minimums. When combined, this is referred to as "30/65/25" protection.

Contact an agent serving Charlotte & Waxhaw, NC.

Auto insurance isn’t just a legal requirement. Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services knows auto insurance protects you, your family, and your assets. Their expert agents can find an auto insurance policy that meets your needs. Schedule an appointment today.

Icy Roads and Auto Insurance

Icy roads are not familiar in Charlotte or Waxhaw, NC. However, they can occur and often cause a lot of crashes due to inexperience. We at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services find that many in this area are not prepared for this situation.

Who’s at Fault in This Crash?

When you crash due to ice on the road, you will be the one at fault. Officers and the law decide this situation based on the idea that you were driving too fast for the conditions. Therefore, even if they did not see you crash, they can safely assume that you were driving too fast because you crashed. 

This is a very clever legal Catch-22 that often makes your insurance kick in if you cause damage or injuries to other people. However, it is vital to understand every element of this situation to ensure that you get the best understanding. 

What Your Insurance Covers 

What your policy covers depends on what kind of coverage you set up. For example, bodily injuries to others that you hit will be covered by your auto insurance policy. And PIP coverage will help to cover any injuries to you or those in your vehicle. 

You may also get payments for damage to your vehicle, damage to other cars or property, towing costs, lost wages, and much more. All of these costs can add up and will be paid up to your policy’s limits. If the overall prices are too high, there may be some issues. 

Help is Available 

If you need help finding an auto insurance policy and you aren’t sure where to turn, contact us at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services, serving Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC. We’ll do what we can to help protect you from this situation and ensure that you are safe and financially secure.

Will Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

If you are taking a trip out from Charlotte or Waxhaw, NC, and you’re thinking of taking a rental instead of the family car, you may be wondering if your personal auto insurance will extend to your rental car.

The short answer: Yes, it will.

Generally speaking, the rule of thumb is that the insurance follows the driver, not the car. So if you’re borrowing a friend’s car or renting a car, your insurance will cover it.

This gets a little more complicated when we’re talking about collision and comprehensive coverage value. If you drive with minimum insurance, that is, no comprehensive or collision insurance at all, then any damage to the rental car will come out of your pocket. Likewise, if you have far less comprehensive and collision insurance than the value of the rental car, then you will have to make up the difference.

But in more cases than not, a renter’s insurance is more than adequate to cover the value of the rental car.

So to make it short: Your insurance extends to a rental car, but you’ll want to make sure that you have enough insurance to cover the damages should something happen to the rental car. That means you will at least need adequate comprehensive and collision insurance. Otherwise, you might have to wind up buying insurance from the rental company and paying more than you’d like.

If you have any questions or if you’re looking to get covered in Charlotte or Waxhaw, NC, get in touch with Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services. Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services can get you the policy you need to cover you in your car or someone else’s.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Items in the Vehicle?

For many people, having good auto insurance comes down to whether they have an agent they can trust to get them the right policy. It’s pretty easy to sign up for coverage, but it’s more difficult to get the right policy for your needs. If you’re in the Waxhaw, NC area or near Charlotte, reach out to us today at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services. By doing that, you can get the vehicle insurance you need to have the protection you’re looking for. You don’t have to settle for a policy that doesn’t give you good coverage or one where you don’t get your questions answered. We can help you avoid all of that and get the coverage you need.

A good policy may cover the items that are in the car, as well as the car itself. But you’ll need to make sure the policy you have is the right one for your needs and goals. They may not all be right for you, and you want to protect your vehicle properly. If you choose the coverage that doesn’t work for you, you’ll end up without any type of security for the things that matter most. You could also end up with policy options that are well more than you’re looking for, which doesn’t really help you protect your vehicle correctly.

When you’re in the Charlotte area or in or around Waxhaw, NC, reach out to Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services for your auto insurance needs. Then you can have peace of mind and feel confident that you’re getting a policy that’s covering what you need and not adding what you’re not looking for. That’s a great way to have the right policy for your vehicle and can keep you enjoying your time on the road for years to come.