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Three things you may not be aware of regarding commercial insurance

Business owners in Charlotte, NC must protect their companies with commercial insurance coverage. At Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services, we offer commercial insurance policies to area business owners.

As a business owner, you should be aware of the following three things regarding commercial insurance.

The costs of commercial insurance premiums are deductible as business expenses. 

Although commercial insurance coverage will cost your company money, it is also a deductible business expense. This means that commercial insurance premiums can help to bring down your company’s tax liability.

Simultaneously, your commercial insurance coverage will protect your company from financial issues like lawsuits and certain events leading to unexpected loss of business income. 

Commercial insurance is required by law in numerous situations. 

Depending on the makeup of your company, you may be required to invest in some types of commercial insurance. For example, you need to purchase commercial auto insurance or vehicle insurance if vehicles are part of your company’s operations. You also may need to buy unemployment and disability insurance if your company hires employees. 

There are many different types of commercial insurance available. 

Commercial insurance coverage includes a lot of different types of insurance designed for businesses. The various types of commercial insurance available include business liability, property, workers’ compensation, and malpractice insurance.

It would be best if you researched all these different types of insurance. Then, you need to determine which of these types of insurance your company needs. You can discuss your company’s needs with a representative from your insurance provider for advice and tips. 

If you’d like to explore our commercial insurance policy offerings in Charlotte, NC, contact us at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services