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Protect Your Family with Life Insurance

What Life Insurance is right for you?

Financial planning is probably not at the top of your to-do list, but we all know how critical it is to create a plan. Part of a complete financial plan should include life insurance. If you’re the primary breadwinner and an accident occurs that causes you to be unable to take care of your family financially, life insurance could then step in and help your family make ends meet. There are several various plans of life insurance plans available. An insurance professional at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services will take the time to go over the available options with you to help you find a policy that may work for your situation. Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services serves the Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC community and is ready to help you navigate life insurance plans available to you and your family.

Don’t leave your family out in the cold.

Life insurance plans are available in many forms. The two main policies people tend to purchase are Permanent Life and Term Life. Term life covers a specified length of time, generally in 10, 20, or 30-year lengths. If you die within the coverage period of your plan, your beneficiaries will be paid. If you don’t use the policy before it expires, you can purchase into another program or switch to a Permanent Life plan. Permanent Life usually has a higher associated cost, though it offers more features. 

What are your options? 

When you decide that it’s time to look at life insurance options, the agents at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services are ready to help you through the various plans and make the process as easy as possible. If you’re in the Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC community, stop by the office. If not, give us a call today.