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What Type of Medical Bills are Covered by Renter’s Insurance?

Understanding Medical Coverage under Renter’s Insurance

While renter’s insurance is not entirely compulsory for residents of Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC, it is often required by numerous landlords. It provides a slew of benefits, including coverage of certain medical expenses.

Medical Bills and Renter’s Insurance

Generally, any medical expenses arising due to an injury on the rental property are insured under your renter’s insurance policy. For instance, if a guest slips in your kitchen and twists their ankle, your renter’s insurance policy will take care of their medical bills. Similarly, if a courier trips on your front steps, the insurance policy can cover hospitalization charges, medication costs, and even certain mental health services.

Exclusions in Renter’s Insurance

On the contrary, all dog bites are not covered under the renter’s insurance. Ensure to scrutinize the policy for the list of dog breeds covered. It won’t be covered if your dog breed doesn’t figure in this list. Injuries attributable to pest infestations also don’t fall under the purview of a renter’s insurance policy. Furthermore, self-inflicted injuries and incidents outside the rental property are never covered.

Insurance Advice You Can Trust

Before renting a home in Charlotte or Waxhaw, NC, discuss with your prospective landlord about the type of coverage you’ll need for your renter’s insurance policy. Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services, with years of service to North Carolina residents, can provide further insights into renter’s insurance coverage preferences. We’re eager to assist you in choosing coverage that caters to your needs without stretching your budget.