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Can Boat Insurance Cover Older Boats?

With attention, care, and knowledge, a well-made boat can last for centuries. The USS Constitution has been afloat since the 18th century, and you can still walk her deck today. Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services serving Charlotte, NC wants you to know your boating insurance needs so you can be financially confident whether you’re cruising the Atlantic or boating around Lake Norman.

Does Insurance Cover Older Boats? 

In a broad sense, insurance policies may cover just about anything that is not a crime perpetrated by the policyholder. Residents of Waxhaw, NC or the larger Charlotte area do not have to worry directly about the age of the boat. Instead, the split is between smaller boats under 26 feet as boatowners’ policies, with larger boats covered under yacht policies. Like any other insured vehicle, the insurer will assess the condition of the boat and the intended operators when determining the terms of a policy.

Do Older Boats Need Insurance?

Insurance requirements vary between states, but North Carolina residents do not have to carry a minimum level of insurance. Smaller boats may also qualify for limited coverage from a homeowners’ policy. In a financial sense, being in a boating accident without at least minimum liability coverage can be a recipe for disaster.

Check If Your Old Boat Needs Insurance Today

Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services knows that Waxhaw, NC and nearby friends work hard and need to carefully balance costs like insurance premiums with the realities of day-to-day life. Contact us today to find out your options for boat coverage, including ways to prepare your older boat before an insurance inspection.