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Benefits of Boat Insurance

At Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services, we serve our North Carolina clients with boat insurance, and we often get asked about its benefits. 

Why Boat Insurance?

Charlotte and Waxhaw, NC residents are not required by law to carry boat insurance, however, if you carry a balance, your lender will most likely compel you to purchase indemnification. In addition, many marinas and docks require proof of coverage to use their resources. 

Another benefit to having boat insurance is that your guests may be protected in the event they are injured and have medical costs or lost wages. They may also suffer property damage or loss, and you could be the target of a lawsuit. 

Your boat may also be affected by vandals who take specialty equipment or accessories and for which you can take an inventory ahead of time to document key details, such as price paid, receipts, and condition. Speak to your Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services agent for information on customized coverage for your upgrades. 

In the event that you collide with another vessel, your boat insurance will help you fulfill your responsibility to pay for any property damage, medical expenses, and resulting legal fees. 

There are other perils your boat may face, such as the dangers that occur during transport over land. When your watercraft is parked in your driveway, it can also be subject to the elements, such as falling tree branches, ice, and extreme temperatures. While in storage, your vessel may be affected by issues such as pest infestations, rot, mold, water damage, or fires engulfing the unit. 

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