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Are you in the market for insurance? If so, we have many policies available that will meet your needs here at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services. We are located in Waxhaw and Charlotte, NC, and welcome you to take advantage of the coverage we offer.

We provide the following insurance coverage:

You should also be aware of the legal requirements for some of these coverage options for the state of North Carolina. The state law requires insurance, such as auto insurance, commercial insurance, motor home insurance, RV insurance, and motorcycle insurance in North Carolina. There are certain minimum requirements that you must meet in order to avoid penalties and hefty fines. We can help explain these laws and guide you through the policy.

Life insurance and renter's insurance is not mandatory. These are optional but are always still good to carry to protect you in the event of loss or damage.

All of our coverage has one thing in common, and that is to protect you and keep your finances secure. Accidents and unforeseen weather circumstances can happen at any time. North Carolina weather is unpredictable. Having more than just the bare minimum insurance is always a good idea.

We offer a variety of coverage options that range from liability to comprehensive. We have policies that will protect your home, whether you are renting or live in an RV.

You can use try our online rating tool to obtain a quote for home or auto insurance at Hausmann Insurance & Financial Services. If you reside in the Charlotte, NC area., feel free to reach out to our office and let us discuss your insurance options.

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